Members of the state board of education


(WILX) – Voters have been asked to choose who will be on the state board of education.

The board is composed of eight voting members who are elected to eight-year terms by the state at large. Elections to the board are held in every even-numbered year. The two candidates with the most votes are elected to eight-year terms on the board. The board elects a president, secretary, and treasurer from among its members.

Members of the Michigan State Board of Education are elected at large to eight-year terms. Two seats on the board are up for election in each even-numbered year. Candidates are not elected to a specific seat; instead each party is allowed to nominate up to two candidates, and voters are allowed to vote for two candidates. The top two candidates in the race are each elected to a seat on the board.

General election candidates:

  • Ellen Lipton  (Democratic Party)
  • Jason Strayhorn  (Democratic Party)
  • Tami Carlone  (Republican Party)
  • Michelle Frederick  (Republican Party)
  • Tom Mair  (Green Party)
  • Bill Hall  (Libertarian Party)
  • Richard Hewer  (Libertarian Party)
  • Karen Adams  (U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan)
  • Douglas Levesque  (U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan)
  • Mary Anne Hering  (Working Class Party)
  • Hali McEachern  (Working Class Party)

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